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Dental Braces for a 13 year old boy


School sent report saying my 13 year old son, may need dental braces to align his teeth. We have basic insurance with euromut and no dental insurance.

(1)Who puts braces? A dentist or an orthodontist? (Our dentist claims he can do it himself and quotes around 2000 euro whereas a physician said we need to see a orthodontist)
(2) Any idea how much will it cost approximately?
(3) How long or how frequently do we need to see the specialist?
(4) Any recommendation for a specialist in and around Brussels who can do this at a nominal cost?
(5) Any DOs and DON'Ts we need to watch out taking this treatment?

Thanks any advance for sharing your experience.


I would say that the first thing that you do is to speak to your mutuelle.
I don't understand 'no dental insurance'. I am with FSMB with only basic insurance but I certainly have cover for dental procedures. (Beware of dentists who tell you that 'this isn't covered by the mutuelle' and ask you to pay in cash!!!)
Based on my general experience of how mutuelles work, you may well need a specialist's recommendation that your son needs braces - rather than just a note from his school - in order to get the maximum refund.

Jun 30, 2013 22:16

We nearly blew 2k on braces for our son -- dentist advised they "may" be needed and suggested an orthodontist -- Went there - told definately needed - be 2k -- mutual refund max 600!! -- We live on a tight budget -- so near impossible. Some more digging and we went to the dental section at th ehospital affiliated with our mutuality -- end result -- the cost would have been fully covered for identical braces (ie charge was much lower -- but evn more so -- the chap said that braces were not neccessary - but to come back in 6 months for another look!

So in a nutshell -- do some digging before you commit and get a second opinion

Jul 1, 2013 15:49

€2000 is cheap. Depends what needs fixing.
Yes, you need to see an orthodontist, and you should also talk to your Mutuelle, as if you do not get the treatment pre-approved, they will not refund anything.
(3) every 6 weeks for about 2 years so far
(4) Him:

Jul 2, 2013 17:24

Thank you all!

Will get a confirmation in writing from a "specialist" if my son needs braces. If so, will approach mutuality first with the specialist letter, to see what they can cover/if they will approve/reimburse and if yes,what percentage.

Thank you wonderful forum!

Jul 2, 2013 20:51

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