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Dementia: Download a free guide in English on practical aspects of living with the disease

17:07 02/05/2022

The diagnosis of dementia is a particularly difficult moment, but it does not mean that life comes to a standstill. A new updated brochure provides practical tips for those affected by dementia, produced by the King Baudouin Foundation and the Federation of Notaries.

This information is presented in a friendly and accessible manner. Even though there are as many different ways of living with dementia as there are people affected by the disease, each and every one will find solutions suitable for their particular situation.

The brochure covers various practical and legal aspects; outlining a number of alternative choices in the fields of a person’s health, accommodation and inheritance, at all stages of the disease.

It’s intended above all for the person with dementia who, in the early stages of the disease and often for many years after, can still make choices and decisions that affect him or her. However, family and friends will find answers to their questions too.

The publication, which was updated in 2021-2022, has been produced within the framework of the Belgian notaries’ listening network.

One important note for expats living in Belgium: research shows that among multilingual people with dementia, the mother tongue is likely to be the last to be affected. The authors suggest that if you have dementia, or are requesting the brochure for someone who has dementia, you should download or obtain the brochure in the person’s mother tongue.

The guide in English can be downloaded for free here. It’s also available in French and Dutch.


Written by The Bulletin with the King Baudouin Foundation and the Federation of Notaries