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Deliveries from France-only online shops


I've found a sofa I want to order from a French shop, but they don't deliver to Belgium. Has anyone any suggestions for a cheap-ish man with van or similar who would take delivery and drive it to Brux from Lille/somewhere else nearby?

Any other suggestions would also be helpful. I cannot find anything close to what I want in Belgian shops.



You could maybe look into renting a small van and with a friend or 2, go pick it up yourself. Lille is only 100 km from here, so you would need the van only for 1 day. If you go to there are vans for 50 - 60 € per day. While you're in France, you could also go to a hypermarket like AUCHAN and stock up on water - drinks and other stuff that are much cheaper than here and earn back some of the expenses.

Aug 8, 2014 18:16