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Decent Financial Advisers for Expats


I am looking for a decent financial advisor.
I have been approached by Guardian Wealth Management and I am wondering if anyone has any experience of them? I think they are new in town. I saw online that they have a rather mixed review on their offices in Dubai.
I have worked with one of the other expat advisers - I found them sloppy and lazy. Another one was extremely pushy.
Any opinions may be useful.
Thx v much


No specific suggestions, however I can advise you what you should think about:

Pretty much any "expat" financial advisor will try and sell you "products" such as offshore savings plans, offshore pension plans, life assurance products, unit linked savings plans etc. etc. They may also suggest putting your assets "in trust" or in a variety of wrappers that will apparently save you tax.

These types of products typically have very high commission charges, and are often very difficult to get out of once they have started unless you continue paying into them for their lifetime, i.e. you could pay 5 years contributions into a 10 year plan, but then move back to your home country, and don't need it anymore. You could find that you end up with far less than you expected, and often even far less than you paid in.

A lot of the worst performing funds and savings plans on the market also happen to offer the highest commission. i.e. the salesman is rewarded for selling you rubbish.

The people selling this stuff to you are almost entirely paid out of commission, i.e. they will sell you whatever they think will make THEM the most money, not YOU the most money!

1) Can the advisor give you a clear answer on exactly how much in actual Euro's or Pounds they will get in commission over the whole life of the product they are selling you?

2) Can the advisor give you a clear answer on exactly what annual or periodic fees will be charged on the product they are selling you?

3) Is the advisor regulated and approved in your home country and in the country where you currently reside?

What exactly is it that they are offering you that you can't do yourself?

Do you completely understand what the tax and other consequences would be for your money should you have to move "back home", or are transferred somewhere else?

I could go on - but my advice is that if you want to add to your pension, there is virtually no better way than adding to your existing workplace pension, and if you want to invest in the stock market, then buy a couple of hundred Euro's a month in low cost / no commission index funds. You can do this yourself without paying anyone for the privilege.

tl;dr - avoid financial advisors who will take your money and run.

Nov 2, 2016 19:55

> I have been approached by ...
Hang up.

Nov 2, 2016 23:05

> expat advisers
Use a Belgian adviser. Ask your Belgian friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Nov 2, 2016 23:07

Guardian Wealth Management claim that they are new in Brussels yet they only seem capable of calling you from a British phone.

They also have a rather glamorous looking lady on LinkedIn who may or may not exist.

Nov 3, 2016 12:02

I am a financial Advisor here in Brussels for Cross Border Planning.

When looking for a financial advisor there are several things to keep an eye on. First, you want to find an FA who acts as a fiduciary, meaning they place your interests before their own. An example of this is, a firm which is fee based rather than receiving a commission from the products which they sell.

In your case it is important to find a firm which understands the financial complexities associated with expats.

You want to make sure they are regulated. You want to see what kind of fees they charge. For example, we don't charge any entry fees or exit penalties. If you would like more information we offer a complimentary consultation.
+32(0)2 644 6625

Nov 3, 2016 18:27

Just a suggestion, you can also get and advise from Haven Advisers. There are really several things to keep an eye and to focus on what you want when it comes to financial stuffs, it can be really vital. You can also get some good advise on what you need to do etc.

Haven Advisers
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Nov 15, 2018 02:52