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A debt.


I have a debt and they adding money to it. They also will try to sell my place. And today, they said a judge has approved it. But wouldn't I have the opportunity to stand before the same judge and explain the situation? Surely they cannot do it without me?

Thanks for any urgent advice.


To have got to this stage where a justice of the peace has allowed siezure of your goods means that you have seen and ignored many multiple reminders, sumons, last notices etc. over an extended period of time of months. You're not in a good situation and you should have acted far, far sooner. Your only course of action now is to contact the CPAS at your local commune. They deal with this sort of thing all the time. They may be able to help you delay proceedings, and negotiate a payment plan.

To answer your specific question, the answer is yes, absolutely they can do that without you being there. The only thing they need to do is present proof of a valid debt that hasn't been paid.

Dec 7, 2022 09:34

Hallo Anon,

Thanks for being kind and responding.
I didn't get any invitation to go to a court, ever. Two letters from a baliff. No final notice. I paid 33% of the debt a few months ago, but original debt doubled. Covid had a very bad impact on my finances. So the bet is 2 years. It is still small compare to to the value of the property. They are agressive with the debt. Anyway, I will contact CPAS. Thank you.

Dec 8, 2022 05:02