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Dealing with noisy neighbours



I have just become aware in the last couple of weeks of a family having moved in to the flat directly above mine (I'm a tenant).  They have at least one young child who enjoys running/stomping along the length of sitting room and later in one of the bedrooms, and last night I was listening to this from about 8 - 10pm.  I resisted going up to say something because I don't want to make matters worse and they may well be unaware of what can be heard below.

As I see it, my three options are:

1. Approach them personally

2. Drop a note into their postbox

3. Ask the building manager to deal with it

I had a quick look at the building's rules and it does state very clearly that you shouldn't be a nuisance to other occupants but I don't want to start waving rules around just yet.

Any advice about how to deal with this gratefully received.




Go knock on the door, introduce yourself and politely explain.

Sep 15, 2011 15:04