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de-register but keep Belgian ID card?


I am non-EU but have a Belgian perm residence card type "D" -- long-term EU resident.

I'm leaving my job due to end of contract and moving out of my apartment soon. I plan to travel within the EU until the end of the year, and then return to my home country for at least the first half of 2018 (family weddings in spring + aging relatives I want to spend time with...)

With my card, I know I can leave the EU for up to a year and leave Belgium but be elsewhere in the EU for up to 6 years. I'm not 100% certain I will return to Belgium, but I would like that option.

Obviously I plan on de-registering at the commune, to avoid any problems for my landlord and the future tenants.

My question is: can I de-register from where I live yet keep my Belgian card? Is it possible to "float" if I temporarily leave Belgium and hold on to my Belgian card and perm residency without having a registered address in Belgium?


I don't think so but your commune can answer

Oct 28, 2017 13:27

"can I de-register from where I live yet keep my Belgian card?"

No you can't. The card you have isn't an ID card, it is a residence permit linked to a specific address where you live. If you aren't resident here, you don't have any need for a residence card.

Oct 30, 2017 14:33

Hi All,

I have left Belgium and i am looking to deregister my resident card. Is there any email id where i can send an email to deregister. Or any specific person of commune to send the card with courier.


Deregistering resident card of Belgium, Brussels (Louise Commune)

Sep 24, 2018 22:12

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Oct 29, 2018 13:29

@TW, did you ever get an answer to this?

Aug 10, 2019 19:59