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daily rate for childcare?


What is the daily rate for childcare if I want to leave my child with a babysitter for several days (during the day only)? I know that babysitters ask 7 to 10 euros/hour. How much would that be for a whole day? Is their rate multiplied by the hours or is there a special rate? TIA


number of hours * hourly rate is what I would expect as a babysitter, absolutely no less. And la Ligue des Familles rates are much cheaper than 10 euro an hour, it's 5 euro an hour between 7-21h.
Kidfarwest chain of creches now do occasional care charged per day, that's an alternative, or just a local halte-accueil would also be a cheaper alternative than a babysitter - typical daily price there would be no more than 30 euro for the day.

Jul 1, 2012 22:12