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D Type permanent residency refusal


Hi ,

Can we appeal if ministry refusal information is wrong ?
Refusal say : I detached from my old company on 31 may 2020

As my PR for D type refused with incorrect information ( not sure from where they checked )

I am resident in Belgium from 2016 March 3rd till date .worked with non local company till 31 may 2017 ( detached here ) and from then I worked with local company .

I paid tax from 2016 and social security+ tax from July 2017 ( as I joined local company )

Is there any new law for D type ? That individual should be working for local company for entire 5 years ?

Experts please suggest ? If anyone came across similar situation ? Did any one appeal or sending email with proof is ok to ministry ?



Best not to appeal as that can take forever. Find out why it was rejected from your commune and put in new claim and try to correct the problems. You don’t mention your nationality. For residency and citizenship it could be local or international company. But things like a 2 week break between jobs and social security payments can be enough to stop it happening.

Jul 15, 2021 23:45