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My wife and i recently decided we will be hiring a place in Belgium. We went to look, and the current tenants are still residing there. The home is furnished with their belongings. While looking at the place, the current residents informed us the curtains from the window are theirs. They had them specially made. There are three long windows, (one curtain on each side) so a total of six curtains. They're nice curtains, however the tenant said they would like €500 for them. To me, that seems kind expensive. She assured me they paid much more then that five years ago.

The home comes with lighter white curtains, but it's more to keep people from seeing in, then to keep light out. Do you think the curtains should be valued at €500. I can't imagine they will have much use for them anywhere else. Even if they are accompanied by the rods to secure them to the wall, it seems expensive. Would you pay such a fee for them?

From the archives

I would pay that, simply to avoid the extra hassle of finding and installing curtain rods, and then finding curtains of the right size (which may be far from easy, if they are not standard size windows). Since moving is full of all kinds of chores anyway, I would be glad at the opportunity to at least have the curtains ready and in place when I move in.

But it's very much a personal opinion.

Aug 23, 2011 15:58