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Cup Noodles


This might be a long shot

I love Nissin Cup Noodles

However, I don't seem to be able to find the Curry variation anywhere in Belgium. I used to order them online, but the delivery company has now 2 times not been able to deliver the package to me, claiming they can't locate my address....

Anywhere I can find these in Brussels? I know CORA has them, but it is not the flavor, 'Curry' that I want. I also know that you can get these at Japanese food stores, but they are very expensive as they are imported from Japan


try Kam Yeong supermarket near Anspachlaan/St. Catherine... or ask them when they can supply it...

Jun 28, 2017 13:17

The best Noodle cups from Tagawa:
Ixelles or Stockel

Jun 29, 2017 16:00