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Croatia ‘ambivalent’ about EU membership

12:38 01/07/2013

 Thousands of people were in Zagreb's main square as Croatia officially became the European Union’s 28th member state, reports the BBC’s Guy De Launey. They enjoyed performances ranging from traditional dance to hip hop - culminating in a stirring rendition of the EU anthem Ode To Joy at midnight. But the square was not as packed as it might have been, had accession taken place a few years ago. Economic crises at home and within the EU have made many Croatians ambivalent about membership. Some said the plight of their fellow Balkan country - and now fellow EU member - Bulgaria made them worried about what might happen to Croatia. Others said the accession process had taken so long - almost a decade - that they no longer cared. But other Croatians were more enthusiastic - especially those whose lives or businesses involve crossing borders. For them, EU membership should reduce paperwork and hassle - reason enough to celebrate.

Written by The Bulletin