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Crescendo CVO and life-long learning: Brush up your language skills

18:51 03/09/2023
In association with Crescendo CVO

Wouldn’t it be fun to connect with like-minded people who have the same passion, vision, and ambition as you? And brush up your language skills and impress friends and colleagues at the same time? That makes Crescendo CVO an excellent match for you.  

Crescendo CVO offers adult education in various fields, including language learning. You can pick from 12 different languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch for non-native speakers (NT2), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and even Flemish sign language.  

Why learn a new language? 

Language proficiency facilitates communication, enriches your social life, and opens up new opportunities in a globalised world. Learning a new language allows you to also explore a new culture, which is what makes the dedicated topic-based courses that train your speaking skills or feature extra cultural activities so alluring.  

From the very first class, we teach in the target language. So, you can take part in our language classes regardless of your mother tongue. Crescendo CVO caters to both beginners and advanced learners. The fun part is, you will not only learn from our teaching experts, but also from your co-students.  

If you are not sure about your level, you can take an online test that will guide you to the course that matches your level. Check out the test on our website.


What do our students think? 

Norma Farias, English classes in Duisburg-Tervuren 

“I am currently studying English, level 6 (ENGth4ab), and last year I also took a Dutch class, NT2 – Vantage. My academic background is in International Relations, and I have previous experience as a diplomat for Mexico. Now that I have some free time, I decided to improve my English and Dutch skills. The advanced English course is very interesting and dynamic: the teacher has a great method, and the class is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it! My goal is to communicate fluently in English with my son-in-law and in Dutch with my Flemish friends. That’s why I would like to continue taking both classes. I chose Crescendo because the total immersion method of language learning helps me to express myself better in daily life. 

Learning these two languages has improved my ability to speak correctly and comfortably in different social situations and with different groups of people.” 

Helena Wasiukiewicz, French classes in Sint-Genesius-Rode 

“Currently, I'm taking two French courses: a regular one and a conversational one. I wanted to learn French to fit in better in my new country, to become more self-reliant and to communicate with my neighbours, public services, doctors, and so on. Besides, the courses also gave me a sense of purpose and helped me to meet new people and discover other cultures. At the moment, my main focus is on taking care of the children and the family, but I might look for a job in the future. And for that, French will come in handy. After moving to Belgium, I started looking for a nearby and affordable language school. Crescendo CVO proved to be a gateway to a social life and provided me with information about the community, traditions, and cultural events in Brussels and in Belgium. I am very happy with the school because it met my expectations. Recently, I joined a French speaking course and I plan to continue that class because practice is essential to language learning.”  


New courses

Starting from September, the GLTT Rode campus is introducing exciting new courses that provide the opportunity to delve into languages and cultures in specific theme-based classes. How about improving your speaking skills with conversational courses in in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese?  Or how about immersing yourself in cultural courses such as “A la découverte de Bruxelles” (Discovering the city of Brussels) or the Spanish “Club de lectura” (Spanish book club)? 

You can also opt for a 100% online course that you can take from home or take a lunch course during working hours: "Dare to speak French over lunch" or "Initiation Spanish during lunch".

Explore this new approach to language learning at and let’s meet soon! 


Written by The Bulletin in association with Crescendo CVO