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Creches in Ixelles


I have been looking at creches in Ixelles. I have seen a few and all of the owners have been friendly. The children seem chatty and are interacting. The thing that upsets me are the teeny babies. They just lie in a bouncy chair and look around. There is no interaction. Is this okay? Am I worrying unneccessarily? My baby will be just 4 and a bit months when it starts. I don't want that but this is how it must be. I think I will return to work using parental leave to work 3 days a week for 6 months. I am mainly looking for reassurance that I will not damage my baby by doing this. And if anyone can recommend a creche that they used for very young baby I would love to know.

From the archives

My little guy started in daycare at 3 months. When they are teeny-tiny, then there aren't so many things they can physically do. However, my guy LOVED to sit and watch the other kids, and would learn all kinds of things from them. And he'd turn and "chat" with the other little ones in between. So he certainly got enough stimulation and he's excited to go to daycare on Monday mornings.
Try it out, and if your baby is not getting enough stimulation (unlikely!), then you will be able to tell pretty quickly.

Aug 23, 2011 11:14