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Creches communales ou prives


I have been trying to understand the crèche system but the information online is not very clear, so would appreciate some help :)
I looked on the communes' websites both for where I live (Watermael-Boitsfort) and where I work (Woluwe s. Lambert), and they both list "crèches communales" and "crèches privées agrées par l'O.N.E" - is there also usually a long waiting list for the latter? The site mentions that the cost in these is also dependant on parents' income, so is it private or not?
Thanks, I am a bit lost...


Hi Marta,

You might find the following site useful:

But basically ... creches that are 'agrées' by the ONE do indeed charge according to your income. So it remains a private creche, but to have this status, it must meet additional criteria, including this one about how they charge parents. (you can read a bit more here if you understand French:

As it is income-dependent, you would indeed expect it to be more popular than a private creche that can charge whatever it likes. However, check how much you would have to pay according to your income, as if you have a medium to high income, you may be paying just the same in a creche that is 'agrée' as you would in a purely private creche.

You can find those baremas here, to check how much you would pay per day considering your family's income:

Hope that helps!

Nov 27, 2013 14:08

Thank you! Very helpful. Just one more question... The purely private crèches, which are not agrées, are they not checked by the ONE? I mean, is there not a quality check done by a public entity? Thanks a lot for your help :)

Nov 28, 2013 11:03

Yes they are usually checked by ONE or Kind en Gezin, but the agrée creches have to achieve additional criteria. There are also non regulated but legal creches, you cannot offset the fees there against tax, not many of them but they exist.

Nov 28, 2013 18:59