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Creche in Uccle


We ve just found out I am pregnant and want to begin to look for a creche in Uccle. What should we do, what is the procedure? Do I just go to the Commune, or what?
Am I eligible even if I am not working at the moment (but want to after I have the baby)?
Thanks a lot and have a great evening

From the archives

Search engines of Kind en Gezin and ONE websites bring up all "approved" care, so most creches. Priority to working parents at public creches. Only real difference between public and private is public is means tested so you could pay little, at a private creche, typical price is 500 euro full time per month, for someone on an decent income, they would also pay 500 euro at a public creche so price roughly the same. To reserve a place at a creche means signing a contract. Think hard about this, if you choose not to work after the birth, you will have to pay cancellation fees accoording to the contract. If you are not currently working and don't have definite plans, you don't need a creche so be careful about reserving.

Sep 7, 2011 11:23