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Courses to start a company in Belgium


having a bloody hard time finding a job. i want to work in the ngo sector but it's getting difficult. i am entertaining the idea of setting up my own thing - not easy, i know, just thinking about it - but before i get too into the thinking, i am wondering if anyone knows of any free or cheap but recognize shourt courses on setting up a business for foreigners in belgium? if no such course, does someone know of something online? just want to know some strateizing, how to set up a business plan, etc - but it has to be a course and not just from a book i read because i think i have to prove competence when i apply to set up as an independent? any advice, tipcs, directions, very welcome.

From the archives

Can't direct you to any short courses but I can tell you that setting up such a business will require that you show proof to the Belgian state that you are qualified to run such a business--you will need to show school credentials at least. Have you offered to volunteer at an NGO where you'd like to work? Might be a way to get your foot in the door although I don't know if that type of thing is "allowed" in Belgium.

Sep 2, 2011 11:42