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Couples can still marry on Sundays, new Belgian law confirms

17:53 17/03/2019

Municipalities in Belgium can continue performing wedding ceremonies on Sundays, after a new law was unanimously approved by Belgium's federal parliament.

A minor revision to the Belgian civil code, due to come into force on 31 March, technically makes weddings illegal on Sundays and public holidays.

A new bill approved on Thursday states that while the Sunday ban is the general rule, communes have the power to opt out as they see fit.

Several municipalities perform Sunday ceremonies, including Uccle and Maasmachelen.

Uccle has performed eight wedding ceremonies on Sundays between 2016 and 2018. However, they ask that the couple or their families arrange the reception and read the legal texts during the ceremony, to avoid making the registry office staff work on that day.

Written by Sophia Moll



unbelievable that a country could tell someone that they can't marry on a certain this the Middle Ages ?

Mar 18, 2019 19:47