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could anybody please help :-)


We are working on an eco-friendly and a sustainable clothing line. The material / fabric used for all of our pieces will be handloom/hand woven fabric (organic cotton, hand spun in to thread and these thread is then hand dyed into nontoxic beautiful colours and finally these tread hand woven into fabric.) This entire process takes no electricity at all. To tell you the long story short, We aim to create a True Luxury brand where natural material and hand craftsmanship will be at the heart of it.
To start it off with, we will create only stoles / scarves and sell them in other shops before we open a shop on our own until we know for sure this is going to work well. .
So, I want to ask you, would anyone of you know somebody who owns a clothing shop that weI could meet and get some information like - how they buy? If they charge a percentage from the sale or how it works? we would like to know information before we could do the pricing and so on.
We would really appreciate if someone could help us connect to a shop to get information or a shop who would be willing to stock our pieces in Brussels and / or around Brussels. In return for the favour, we will be happy to offer one stole /scarf of your choice from our first collection 


If you want to email me,, I'm reachable at -

Aug 27, 2019 10:00

"eco-friendly and a sustainable clothing line"......God...I've heard this line like 500 about something actually new and that people actually want ?

Aug 27, 2019 17:26

@EYEBICYCLE@GMAIL.COM This is actually something people want - to stick to natural ways of doing things to get inline with the nature's eco system. May be not all people, but even the people who do not want sustainable clothing could actually use it as its is 100% cotton and very comfortable. People need clothing in any case weather its made of plastic or natural stuff!

May be you are right :-) However, for me, its not always about what other people want, its about what I want to do and how I like to express myself in terms of creativity.

Aug 28, 2019 10:05

I would perhaps not have been so direct as 'the cyclist' but it is a fact that this kind of thing has been mentioned on this site from time to time.
In might be what (some/a very few) people want but you have to ask yourself whether that number is high enough to make starting a new business from scratch is a sensible proposition.
And at least 80% of the clothing I wear is made from cotton and bought from well-established clothing chains. Maybe what you plan will fill a very specialist niche but, in principle, what you are suggesting is already readily available on the market.

Aug 28, 2019 10:29

Tweety - From what you describe, you would be far better off selling your product from places like eBay or Etsy.

Once you have sold a few hundred, and have some kind of a brand, then some of these wholesalers and shops may be interested to meet you.

Spend the time to build a blog or establish a social media presence. Find some fashion / social media influencers that you can send some free product to try and get publicity. That would be far more productive than trying to sell through shops. Shops don't buy from individuals, they buy from wholesalers. These are big companies that import in bulk from China / India / Vietnam.

Aug 28, 2019 11:21

@ANON Thank you so very much for the very helpful feedback. your ideas are very valuable to me. Thank you once again!

Aug 29, 2019 08:34