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cosmetic surgery in belgium


Does anyone have experience with cosmetic (plastic) surgery in Belgium? Where can I find the best? How are the prices compared to neighbouring countries? Is it safe?


I had a consult with Jan Vrankcx at the UZ Leuven (Gathuisburg)

He's a top surgeon, and is head of PS there, I was impressed with his advice and our chat lasted about 45 minutes. For my nose job (rhinoplasty) with aftercare I was quoted 2790; and now I'm just figuring out when to schedule! :-)

Safety? Don't worry, do your homework, ask questions etc..- But in general the level of care is FAR better than a lot of places, very clean, organized and incredibly safe! My surgeon is the one that teaches the other surgeons how it's done! :-)

Nov 23, 2011 07:54

Hi !

I went to Dr Ballieux in Brussels. She's an amazing surgeon that are very dynamic, super communicative and experimented. She takes her job seriously, and i went to see her 4 times after my breast operation for aftercare, Dr Ballieux was always kind and conscientious

I warmly recommend her ! If you're still searching for a professional, here is her website :

Hope i could help :)

Sep 11, 2020 11:35