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Hello everyone
a few months ago I rented an apparment, and then few weeks later i was notified that the landlord want the place for himself for perosnal reasons.
The contracft says:
Le propriétaire ne peut pas mettre fin au bail pendant la 1ère année de location.
il peut y mettre fin uniquement pour occupation personnelle (ou par un membre de sa famille).
Il doit respecter un délai de préavis de 3 mois et payer au locataire une indemnité équivalente à 1 mois de loyer.

Im not fully sure if i can live in the aparment for 12 Months + 3 months of preavis of 9 months + 3 of preavis and then been kicked out.

Thank you very much!!


9 months + 3 of preavis = 12 months.

Oct 29, 2020 09:55

the owner cannot end the contract during the first year unless its for his own use or his family. (which he has informed you about) so he has to give a notice period of 3 months and an indemnity of 1 month rent.

Nov 7, 2020 11:09