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construction holidays


Dear xpats, do you know if is there an obligatory construction break during holidays? I know that construction companies (at least some) close in july. I am asking because of noise in a building not far away from ours.


There is no "obligatory" holiday period for construction workers, but most construction workers will be taking from July 2 - July 27, which is the period recommended by the Commission paritaire for the industry.

See "Vacances collectives en 2018" on this page:

Jul 16, 2018 16:08

Google 'Bouwverlof' - the Dutch for 'builders holidays' and you'll see that there seem to be different dates for different provinces and even for different areas within some provinces.
In my experience there is no obligation for any firm to take holidays within the standard time frame though most bigger outfits tend to do so.

Jul 17, 2018 16:54