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Very good driver - but due to ill health have not driven for 4 years. Now much improved.
My car is a Nissan Quashqai 2017 and I need to start driving again.
Looking for someone to accompany me, maybe one hour each day for a while..
Rate to be discussed.
Times available : 10.00 am - 16.00
I live near Schuman.
Thank you


I would ask for the 3-4 lessons a professional driving school and using their car to regain confidence (and the side seats has brakes to avoid any dangerous situations).
Secondly I would use the summer sundays to train on the big parkings at Ikea etc. (f.e. in Sterrebeek) and would not train during week days, not even in July / August.
Good luck, xl

Jun 3, 2018 18:31

How would one manage to buy a 2017 car when one hasn't driven since 2014?

IMHO, if driving scare you that much, sell the car.

Jun 4, 2018 00:20

I'm afraid that I'd have to agree with "J" above on this one. If you really are that nervous, you shouldn't be driving.

If you are going to drive, then do as XL says, get professional help.

Jun 4, 2018 09:30

J and ANON - I asked for help not sarcasm. I have every intention of driving again.
In future - if you cannot give constructive advice - then no need to comment.
Driving schools - not interested.

Jun 4, 2018 15:40

@ TIPPGOLD - Oddly enough, I wasn't being sarcastic, and my comments were actually very constructive. I'll repeat them;

If you are that nervous to drive, you shouldn't be on the road, and if you need coaching, get professional lessons from a properly qualified teacher.

Jun 4, 2018 19:29

I've never yet met anyone who claims to be a "Very good driver" who is anything close. And I am genuinely flummoxed as to how you'd manage to spend a rather large sum of money on a car without a proper test drive.

You need an instructor.

Jun 6, 2018 07:24

@Tippgold .....just my 2 cents of experience last year:

Due to health problems I was not able to drive only just about 1.5 years (with a regular experience of over 35 years). We got a new family car some months before my re-start after surgeries ... just the newer model of our old (normal sized = smaller than your SUV) brand; just about 20 cm longer (irrelevant) and 20 cm wider (uarghh).
Started with motorway driving on long distances in xchange with other family drivers, than used the empty parkings outside BRU on Sundays to get into all the new electronic features and train to park. It took me about 6 months to gain confidence again - now all fine, but it was a hard way and we are not getting younger.
Second J' and Anon' opinion that there was no sarcasm involved.

Jun 6, 2018 09:04

Well J what I do with my money is of no relevance. I have not told my life story in order to find a solution to the above.
Yes, I am a brilliant driver and family member has been driving the car from day one! Now, job change, shift work, etc; no spare time.
Thank you XL for your friendly advice.
This subject is now closed.

Jun 6, 2018 15:26

Please ignore J they sometime offer weird advice and are rude when told its not needed.
I found when moving here slightly different thing but still required some adaption forndriving. Sunday is a good day to go out for a drive, go a route you know well. Also short trips may help at first allow muscles to adapt to being behind the wheel again.
My mother didnt drive fir many years after a car caught on fire but she was able to regain her confidence and drive happily for many years

Jun 6, 2018 18:05

Please ignore CC_R, as people on here who tell you to ignore other people are generally talking rubbish.

Any car driving school will do this kind of thing and it's quite normal.

Jun 6, 2018 21:00