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comunal creches or private creches


dear mons,

i am due in August and currently looking for a creche in zaventem.we would like to put our baby in the one of the communal creches in zaventem as the quality seems to be better in the commune creches but they are already full for Feb. 2013!we are in the waiting lists but we were told that our chance is very slim...

we are both working so we need a full-time creche in the neighborhood. does anybody recommend a good creche in the area of zaventem? any experience ( good or bad ) with the creches over here.already getting very depresses... many thanks in advance. m


We are in a private (French speaking) creche in Kraainem (Tilipimpons in Rue Argile) and we're very happy with it. It costs 450/months full time.

If you both work, private creches are not necessarily more expensive than communal ones. When I was pregnant, I just rang up all the creches that were in the right area, asked for an appointment to visit, chatted with the owner and went with what felt best.

You can search them here:

Apr 6, 2012 14:08