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compromis de vente


I signed a compromis de vente back in May, paid a deposit, and recently found out the property was purchased by the seller and his wife (deceased), the son is also deceased and they are unable to track his grandson. Is there a cooling-off period for finding the grandson or is it best to cancel the sale? Get no direction from the Notaires/immobilier about legality. Is anyone able to advise legally or assist? Many thanks in advance


The only person who can advise you about this is your notaire to whom you presumably paid the deposit when you signed the compromis de vente. You cannot unilaterally cancel the purchase without losing that deposit.

Jul 11, 2022 10:36

Speak to your notaire. If you have a compromis and the seller is unable to complete the sale (for whatever reason), then your notaire should push for the sale to be cancelled and your deposit returned.

However, in all cases, it is the notaire who should do this, as BECASSE notes, you can't do this yourself.

If you can't get your notaire on the phone, go to their offices.

Jul 28, 2022 11:16