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Complaint against a Language School in Brussels


I have registered with a Dutch language academy last week for a 5 classes course on Saturday. The class was not on par with what the course description on their website shows.

So after finishing the first class I emailed them that I wish to cancel my enrollment and pay for the first class and material and requested a refund.

After 2 days of no response, I follow up only to receive that they don't refund and that I have to be specific with what my expectations are! This is not the first language course I take, I have taken one at Atlas and online with a private tutor. After explaining that to them, they literally responded: The other students are quite happy with the course perhaps I need to go to a lower level...

At this point, I decided to contact the academy directly and speak to the manager, who was very rude and I was quite frustrated by how adamant she was on not acknowledging if a customer is not happy with the service they should not be forced to continue with it. I was angry and every time I expressed my frustration he would simply respond with No we are not going to give a refund, then she literally hung up the phone on me.

What a rude and poorly customer-oriented establishment and staff.

I would like to know where I can file a complaint against them under consumer rights.


Welcome to Belgian customer service.
Probably put it down to experience. I hope you didn’t pay too much.

Your commune probably has weekly Dutch courses which cost nearly nothing as they are heavily subsidised and they give you certificates as you progress.

Feb 23, 2021 20:31