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Complaint about proximus any ideas


Totally out own fault, thought we'd switch back to proximus. For TV ineterent etc took a deal with smart TV before the new year. Got TV from shop in audergem at time we ordered. They say they will transfer all services except internet and we ned to cancel that ourselves.
Quelle surprise There was a mistake made by the shop on the order so no engineer arrived on date or time we were given when order was made. Yesterday that is.
Rang help line guy says he can't help me as he's a technical guy I'm in wrong department. He will ask colleague, woman rings, speak only french says there a problem with your order. I then re ring helpline very unhelpfuL say the order is stuck in the system it's not their fault it's the shops fault. I'm told to go to shop and sort it.
Drive 20km in pouring rain to shop.
They say and I quote 'the help desk are liars!' We aren't at fault.
We will ring you at six with new appointment. I didn't actually believe the guy he was messing about with his PC all the whole time and I think you aren't telling me the truth. 20km home of course six comes and goes and I then get no call back.
I ring help desk for third time that day
This guy identifies problem in five minutes he says I see it the shop they haven't put number in contract so it can't be switched he says he's done it.
He says someone will ring in morning to sort out appointment for switch over. He says he mark my file URGENT.
This morning No one rings. I ring lady said he hasn't marked my file. She doesn't say there is any issue with transfer I finally get offered a date for transfer now 23rd.
So ten days after we were told. They say they can't offer me a discount because I need a new line attaching to my house and that the reason for delay. I explain it really wasn't the case. I have a land line I just want to transfer. Hurrah all sorted maybe only oh no this is proximus. You could not make this stuff up....
As tonight find a message five hours later than when I rang help desk claiming it's the from shop telling me due a mistake they haven't been able to keep my number for me to transfer and that someone will ring me with a time to install this new line!
Ring back help line guy is really shirty said he can't do anything except cancell the order and because I already have the TV it will cause me a problem. He said he can reinstate order with my old number as a transfer and charge x amount but not the deal I already have.
I say look this is your fault not mine he goes I can't do anything.
He said its not my fault it's because the order wasn't made properly.
He also tells me it's not classed as a transfer and now I have to cancel all my services myself.
If I didn't have the TV unpacked and in use I'd have taken it back yesterday.
He suggest I write to them but doesn't say to who, or where I do this or what languages I can use.
I know it's my own fault don't tell me that
What can I do apart from smack myself round the head for thinking maybe they had improved in last three years!


Yes, it's fairly clear - never, ever sign up with Proximus. I did some years ago but am now switching back to my old provider.

Jan 15, 2015 10:02

Have you tried contacting them online?

I got a call back within an hour, and a solution too after one week of to and fro (and rude staff on the French-speaking helpline, the Dutch-speakers are more friendly.
Good luck

Jan 15, 2015 10:20

To answer your immedaite problem, maybe send a registered letter with your complaint. I find this works with many companies.

Jan 15, 2015 11:23

I signed up with Belgacom - now Proximus - when I moved here 22 years ago and have never had a problem with them. The staff in their local shop have always been extremely helpful.
I guess that you will find complaints - and praise - about every organisation in the country if you look hard enough.
However, as Cosmo suggests, never, ever use a French language helpline unless you have perfect French - always choose Dutch and ask to speak English. This advice was given to me by French speakers when I moved here.

Jan 15, 2015 12:28

I'm with KASSEISTAMPER - very similar experience. Never had an issue, great local shop, great technical helpline the few times I've needed it.

Jan 15, 2015 15:21

Well I rung back to ask who I complain too, and contrary to post above a French Belgian guy called Gui (ghee) was really helpful. He said don't ring after six because then you get contractors Not proximus Staff.
He's escalated the case promised to do his best to get my old number transferred on arranged date and said he will note his calendar to ring me next week with update! Said the guy last night wasn't truthful that it's my problem suck it up. So I'm hoping it's all resolved. However he said if not I have to keep the TV even if I cancel because they didn't do as promised. Yes absolutely fault of shop who were so adamant in their denial why can't people be honest ophs my bad really sorry

Jan 15, 2015 18:48

Yay, Flemish = Anglophiles, Walloon = Anglophobes.

Thanks KS. And I thought it was a bit complicated.

Jan 15, 2015 19:53

I find the Fleming/Walloon helpful/unhelpful debate interesting because I have a Dutch friend who lives in our village very deep in Wallonia, and he wished to increase the line speed on his internet connection. He rang Belgacom (as was) and selected the "dutch" option - and got nowhere fast. He then got his neighbour to ring on his behalf, obviously selecting the "french" option, and this time the response could not have been more helpful, an appointment was made (and kept) to do a necessary equipment upgrade, and his line speed was subsequently much improved.

I would also have to say that as far as I am concerned, the staff at the nearest shop could not have been more helpful. Having previously had a number of pretty awful experiences with British Telecom, I found their helpfulness, and effectiveness, most welcome.

Jan 15, 2015 21:40

> Flemish = Anglophiles, Walloon = Anglophobes.


Dutch = virtually impossible to outsource.
French = call centres in Tunisia.

In Belgium, however, FR callcentre work is not seen as a bad job, whereas from the other side, it is seen as shite.

Where the call center is depends on who you think you are calling.

And who you hit on in a call center ranges very wildly indeed. You could get me on a good day for instance. Then again, you could get me on a bad day.

Jan 16, 2015 01:00

Your best bet is to go onto Twitter and make a comment about the poor service you've received, you'll hear back very quickly and have everything solved within days. I've done this when I've had a problem with large companies and it works a treat, I don't use Twitter otherwise. It's also worth seeing if they have a Facebook page, if so, do the same there. Good luck

Jan 16, 2015 17:01