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Commute from Brussels to London


I am planning to commute from Brussels to London once a week starting October.  I have heard that besides the Eurostar which does not leave London late enough in the evening, driving to Ashford or Folkestone via the Channeltunnel and catching the train from there is a good option. Could anybody please let me know which is the best station from which to catch the train to Euston station? I assume that there are differences in terms of parking / convenience / predictability of traffic /timing etc.

From the archives

I can't imagine why you'd want to drive to ashford or Folkestone and then take a train into central london. It would take from either Ashford or Folkestone at least an hour, at least one train change, and a lot more time after parking up, waiting for the train etc. By then, you could have driven to London anyway. Parking inside London will be more expensive, but if it was me, the convenience would more than offset the hassle. You can find train information here:

Sep 6, 2011 14:26