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Commune won't register me at the correct address


I recently moved to Saint-Gilles - I live in a building with about 30 apartments, on the 4th floor (6 apartments on this floor).

When I registered at the commune - they insist on the registration being Rue xxx 216 / 4 (because I'm on the 4th floor), rather than Rue xxx 216 / 18 (my post box number).

Is there any way around this? It is causing problems with any company who takes your address from either the ID card or population register (e.g.) banks, and even other services of the commune themselves (e.g. parking).

All mail (even from the commune themselves) goes to box 4 - a neighbour who doesn't seem to be willing to go to the effort of putting it in the correct post box - so I have missed bills etc.


If I were you, I would go back the Etat Civil/Population service of the commune in person and explain one more time calmly why the number needs to be changed (using the reason that it is not correct and that your mail is going to the wrong address - ask them if they think that it is logical that you should have to rely on a neighbor to deliver your mail to you). If they still don't get it, I would go to the head of the Etat Civil service, Stéphanie Bosmans, and pester her until it is changed. Stay calm and be persistent.

Jan 17, 2017 14:50

Was your name on the post box for apartment 18 at the time of the police controle? If it wasn't, it is likely that that is the source of your problems because the police must have reported that you live at "rue XXXX 216 / 4".

Jan 17, 2017 15:20

Thank you for the replies.

The name was on the correct postbox (18). The police officer already told me that she had to register me as number 4 as they need to know which floor I was on (I had already received a letter from the commune to the correct number). Not that this would help if they ever want to raid my apartment etc. as they will only know if as one of six.

When I explained to her that this was illogical and that my apartment was number 18 - her response was "mais je suis pas facteur monsieur".

The population service was not helpful either - they said that they were aware it poses problems for people but "c'est comme ca monsieur".

I'll take the advice on board to go to the head of the service.

Jan 17, 2017 15:54

There are 6 apartments on the fourth floor.
Does the occupant of apartment 4 get mail from all 6? If not, why not?
Ask your neighbours what addresses they are registered at and then go back to the commune with their details.

Jan 17, 2017 17:21

Rather than going head to head with the local Commune, I would suggest that you make a change to your official address, and show the post box as a separate line.

M. Rupert xxxx
Rue xxx 216 / 4
B.P. 18
1060 St. Gilles

Jan 17, 2017 17:44

If your address is indeed registered as rue XXX 216/4 and not rue XXX 216 boîte 4 then YTTAP's suggestion (rue XXX 216/4 boîte 18) should indeed work. However it would still be a good idea to ask your neighbours on the fourth floor how their addresses are registered before asking for any changes.

Jan 17, 2017 21:12

I think when you rent something out, you have to register a lease with the possibly then the commune has a physical description of where you are?

Jan 18, 2017 10:08