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Co-habiting with my future spouse


Hello All,
Awkward question here.
I live alone and live on a budget due to financial matters that are dealt with by a third party.
My future spouse wishes to move to belgium and we want to live together.
I am obliged to notify the third party of any change in personal circumstances,etc.
As and when my FS findings work, I have to submit a NET balance their earnings in order to calculate what my budget will then become.
My FS is finding this a bit of a challenge because based on a calculation of what their contribution would be, will determine how much less money I would have available.
Also my FS seems to feel that this is too much control on our lives so to speak.
I am just thinking is there anyway to ensure a soften the impact on the budget matters - ie to avoid such an impact.


You need to get a job and support yourself.

Then you won't have to submit anything to anyone.

Jun 18, 2018 14:32

Without knowing the full situation it would be impossible for anyone here to give advice. What you've written above sounds very strange. As anon already mentioned, you clearly need to get a job and start being self-sufficient.

Jun 18, 2018 14:53

I am pretty sure jdb already has a job and is in a procedure which in French is called "règlement collectif de dettes". His salary is paid to a mediateur, a certain amount is set aside to pay all the bills and provide some money to live on, and the rest goes to the debtors. After a certain number of years, the procedure is over and the rest of the debts are cancelled.

"I am just thinking is there anyway to ensure a soften the impact on the budget matters - ie to avoid such an impact."

You already know the answer to this as you are fully aware of the rules of the procedure. Your monthly payment plan has been calculated on the basis that you live alone. You are legally obliged to declare if you start living with someone who is earning money, as it will increase the amount you have available to clear your debts.

Any way to avoid the impact - yes; by blatantly lying by omission, i.e. not to declare your changed circumstances. With the risk that if you get caught, your entire debt management plan will be cancelled and you will have to pay all your debts to the last cent.

Alternatively, do not move in with this person until the debt management plan is over.

Jun 18, 2018 15:22

Furthermore, unless your FS is an EU citizen, she won't be allowed to move to Belgium anyway as you won't have enough income to provide support.

Jun 18, 2018 15:41

I would suggest the future spouse get their own income andnplace to live here and once your debts are settled you can happily move on. The fact that you have this obliagtion shouldnt be enough to halt a good realtionship.
Yes if they move in you have to tell them because for example tthe commune and police will also know and you will get into trouble if you lie and het caught.

Jun 20, 2018 19:48

Your future wife will have to live with the fact that she is marrying a man with debt. And she should have thought about that before complaining about giving others control over your budget. Because they really don't care she doesn't like that. And as said before, if you do lie, and they find out (they will) you'll have to pay up the debt in full immediately. Good luck with that. Live within your means.

Jun 24, 2018 00:49