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cloud storage / backup


Looking for back-up of computer contents (folders / files / mail files). I am a proximus client and have 10 GB free storage, but only files can be autosaved, not folders - I have thousands of files, and it's laborius to select all files and besides I want the same structure saved. Enquired with Proximus but no-one can answer, after 5 attempts - hopeless. So anyone out there know if this is possible at Proximus cloud, or suggest an alternative reliable / safe option ?


I've been using Goole drivee and Copy for the least few months. I beleive they satidfy what you're looking for. The installation pack creates aa folder on your drive named Googlee or Copy, and you can drag entire folders into it. I'm not sure if the local folder contains the copies of the actual folders and files or just links to them in the cloud. If you look login into the cloud storage you will see the same structure, but in my opinion rather poor layout. Both have cconsiderable storage in the free registration, so you can try them out. But better read some reviews, especially those describing negative aspects.

Jul 17, 2015 16:44