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Cleaning company Hoeilaart area for new house


Hi all,

We are moving house soon to Hoeilaart and would like the house professionally cleaned completely ahead of moving in (i.e kitchen, windows, floors etc).
Can anyone recommend a good company for this? I’ve read some negative reviews of certain cleaning companies, and many don’t have any reviews online, hence it would be good to hear some recommendations!

Thanks a lot


Hi! Good evening! You're still looking for somebody to clean your house? We're doing the house cleaning ( general cleaning).We're not working in a company but we cleaned some diplomat's house before and after moving. I can also do some gardening job.I can provide you as well a reference! You're interested you're free to call me in my number(0474335680)thank you and have a nice evening!

Jan 17, 2018 21:22

There is a titres service office in overijse maybe wirth contacting them rather than some randim person saying they can do it, this way you know its legal. Also its unusual for a house to be dirty when one moves im unless its a new build.

Jan 19, 2018 07:51