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City centre no-drinking zone extended to include more streets

15:11 04/10/2021

The zone in the city centre where it is illegal to drink alcohol in public has been extended again. There was already a 24/7 ban on outdoor drinking in the entire pedestrian zone and many adjacent streets.

This, says Brussels-City mayor Philippe Close, has pushed the problem to other streets and squares, which will now be included in the ban. Bar and restaurants terraces are, of course, exempt, as is drinking during official events that are serving alcohol. Shops can also sell alcohol as long as it is consumed at home or outside of the no-drinking zone.

The expansion centres on Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains and the streets connecting it to the rest of the zone, including Rue de la Braie and Dansaert. The map below shows the entire zone where public drinking is not allowed.

Map of no-drinking zone in Brussels-City

“We saw problematic groups coming together, especially in the Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains,” said Maude Glorieux of the municipality’s noise nuisance department. “For consistency, we included the streets around that square. We will also speak to the employees of night shops to remind them that alcohol should not be sold to people who are already visibly drunk.”

The city also mentioned that the litter situation was markedly better since the ban was originally passed in 2019. The Grand Place, by the way, is still not included in the zone, as there are fewer problems there with public drunkenness.

The expansion of the alcohol-free zone comes into force on Wednesday. Anyone caught drinking in the zone risks a fine of €350. The ban is officially in place for one year, at which time it will be re-assessed.


Written by Lisa Bradshaw