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I have a picasso citroen which i bought in 2002. I noticed today that 'citroen' are in 'open day' mode and givng a remise for the old citroen, until the end of march, if you buy a new car from them.Im looking at the Citroen3. Would anyone, who owns one of these, advise me please. That said, the picasso started to give me a lot of trouble from year 5 onwards and recently ive been pouring a lot of money into it for this and that. Perhaps its the same with all modern cars.
the citroen3 is about 12.500.Thanks


My wife has a 1.4 petrol version which we got almost two years ago - one of the first of the new shape. I had to stop driving later that year so for 18 months it has been our only car. We find it pretty good all round, it has much more boot space than the previous model, is smooth and quiet. Previously had a C3 dieselfor four years. Nothing went wrong with it but we sensed that there were problems appearing on the horizon (diesel not suitable for the sort of driving we were doing)

Mar 8, 2012 16:12