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I have found a few chiropractors, but does anyone know of one who uses the McTimoney technique ?

Mark L-W

Found the answer by contacting the MCA, there are none !

Nov 22, 2016 19:10

Mark if you want to try something more gentle highly recommend the osteopathic practice in Tervuren speak English parking outside and seem very competent for my visits there

Nov 22, 2016 23:13

Please be careful with your choice of chiropractor.

A few years ago I underwent a neck manipulation by a chiropractor at Van der Velde resulting in a huge hernia and surgery.

But the Tervuren practice should be good.

Nov 23, 2016 13:02
Mark L-W

Thanks for the advice ZOE100, I am all too aware of the poor and charlatan practitioners, having had treatments since 1992 I can spot a dodgy one very quickly.
Far too many poor ones about.

Nov 23, 2016 18:39