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Children's shoes


Where are the good places to buy children's shoes in Waterloo/Wavre or this side of Bruxelles?  I thought I saw an outlet place near Ikea in Zaventem, anyone been there?

For girls age 1 and 4.



I bought my granddaughter a pair of light up trainers, they're called Twinkle Toes and we got them in Shoe Discount - not the best shoe shop but my granddaughter (aged 4) 'really needed' the trainers :-)

May 25, 2013 09:00

Sketchers also have them. You can find it at many stores. You can try their website or In addition, if you want a day trip then go to the outlet stores in Roermond. :-)

SKECHERS Roermond Designer Outlets
Stadsweide 2, 6041 TD

May 25, 2013 09:06