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Child healthchare in Belgium: some useful links

02:02 01/10/2019

Most vaccines are provided free but your paediatrician will charge for the consultation.

For free vaccinations, go to ONE, the French-speaking community’s Office for Birth and Childhood, which organises free medical services for children aged up to six. The equivalent Flemish organisation, Kind en Gezin, similarly offers free vaccinations and babycare.

Daycare centres recognised by ONE and Kind en Gezin also vaccinate babies and toddlers regularly and, once a child has started school, there is a compulsory medical checkup once a year. An up-todate vaccine record is required for all children before they can enter daycare and school.

The Community Help Service in Brussels provides therapy as well as psychological testing for children. It also runs a 24/7 telephone hotline.

Written by The Bulletin