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Child Birth benefit


My wife and I are expecting our first child in December and I would like to apply for the child birth benefit (one time payment) As the father i have to make this application after the baby is 6 months (which is the case) I am looking for this form but cannot find it Can someone please help me? As info I am with the CM insurance. Also wher do i send the form once filled many thanks Jude


If by CM insurance you mean Mutualité Chretienne (Christelijke Mutualiteit), you find the necessary information here : . You can change the language easily into Dutch if that's easier for you. According to the page you need to ask your employer for the application form.

Oct 31, 2013 14:10

Hi Jude,

You can read a bit more about this one-time 'birth allowance', and how to apply for it, on the English-language website

But the previous poster is right, (if you are employed on a Belgian contract) your employer should be able to provide you with the form.

Nov 5, 2013 21:55

P.S. you'll have to send the form back to your family allowance agency (address will probably be on the form)

Nov 5, 2013 21:56