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Chicken pox - scars


Hello, both our kids (5 and 2 years old) had chicken pox last month. We did everything we could to prevent them from scratching the blisters and leading to lasting scars, but I have concerns about some of the blisters. My question: Is there anything I can do at this early stage to ensure that the spots where there were blisters heal completely and no scars are left? Thanks in advance!


you can try rubbing a vitamin e oil on them, that can often work to prevent scarring. in the end, most everyone i know has a chicken pox scar, and they're not very noticeable.

Mar 13, 2015 09:55

yep, as a child i had some bad scars from chicken pox and my mom used to put on me vitamin e, which she squeezed out of those gel pills. Most of the scars disappeared. so I second lmbsie's advice.

Mar 13, 2015 11:36

Totally agree Vitamin e is great buy capsules and pop them then rub it on if you can't find it any other form. My friend grazed half her face in a bike accident they wanted her to see a plastic surgeon she said no used vitamin e has no scars.
however the kids have to leave and scabs alone as much as possible. We used to put cotton socks over the hands of children with eczema when I was working in a children's hospital to stop them scratching in their sleep.

Mar 13, 2015 13:36

Almond oil is also great! Specially for scars. You can buy it from your Pharmacy.

Mar 16, 2015 11:32