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Chemicals in personal care products


Dear all,

I came across a really interesting article about the chemicals found in personal care products, even in the so called bio/natural ones. Please, take a look if you want to know more:


Yes, it's a common misconception that organic food is free of pesticides; they're not. A certain % is allowed without jeopardising organic status.

Sep 16, 2014 18:46

We want all our products both esthetic and effective, and that is hardly possible if everything is truly natural. Besides, bio and natural is not synonymous with healthy, and there are many perfectly natural irritants and toxic substances that might find a place in industry. If you want perfectly bio apricots, for example, you have to put up with having to throw away one quarter of them because of the worms without being put off from eating the rest. That aside, I'm wondering more and more if bio and green are not just other sell words. For example, how much "ungreen" is used in the production of a green product? What it boils down to is the effect of the individual constituents, and it is a fact that "safe levels" are frequently a compromise between potential harm to health and potential harm to industry and commerce.

Sep 16, 2014 20:30