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Cheapest Brussels supermarket is Colruyt in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

13:04 18/12/2017

This year’s consumer report on supermarkets carried out by Test-Achats again shows that Colruyt is the overall cheapest supermarket in Belgium. The report gets more detailed still: The Colruyt at Rue René Declercq 20 in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is the cheapest supermarket in Brussels.

The report, however, might not be as exhaustive as it seems: Price-cutters like Aldi and Lidl were found to be cheaper when it comes to own-brands, but were not included in the comparison for international brands because they don’t carry enough of them to make the report.

Also, the Colruyt on Chaussée de Gand in Molenbeek, which was the cheapest Brussels supermarket for the last two years, was not included in this year’s comparison. To come up with the report, Test-Achats compares nearly 50,000 products in 237 supermarket outlets across the country.

At Colruyt, shoppers pay 3% less overall than they do at Albert Heijn, and 4% less than they do at Okay. Smatch and Match are the country’s most expensive supermarkets: Consumers pay 20% and 18% more, respectively, than they do at Colruyt for the same products.

In Brussels, the most expensive supermarkets are the Match in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (part of the Woluwe Shopping Centre), the Smatch in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and the Carrefour Market on Rue des Tongres in Etterbeek.

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Marc Slonik

I wonder how much it has to do with the fact that access to that particular Colruyt has been disturbed by the tram line construction along the Boulvard de Woluwe and if it will still be the cheapest one after the road situation there gets back to normal.

Dec 19, 2017 09:53

Cheap is relative. The best way to save serious money is to shop in neighbouring countries and/or on online sites. Now there is even a Berlin-based German site that ships to Belgium for €7,90, regardless of weight (and for free for orders over €99). So when I don't have time to get to Aachen, now I can get home delivery of German products (even juices, bread) and others. For example, I bought Maggi (bio) chicken bouillon powder for €2.05 and then saw that the non-bio version costs €3.99 at Delhaize. Delhaize charges €9.95 for home delivery......
The best thing for Belgian consumers would be serious measures to stop the price-fixing among Belgian supermarket chains (and services such as car insurance, internet providers, etc.) and to force competitive pricing in accordance with EC regulations.

Dec 19, 2017 10:15

A super market chain should have the same prices all around the country. So why is Colruyt WSL is cheaper than Colruyt, say, in Kraainem or some other commune of Brussels? How can this be possible?

Belgium is extremely expensive. Like Anon2 says, many things are so much cheaper in Germany. The basic price for shoes in Belgium starts at 99 euros in Belgium while in Germany you can find descent shoes for 30-70 euros. Here you have to go to DOD or some kind of cheaper shop. Also many toiletteries are so expensive in Belgium. One cannot understand.

Dec 19, 2017 16:26