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Cheap travel and accommodation in Munich


Hello folks, 

I've just been offered a 3-month contract in Munich starting next month.

I would like to leave for Munich every Monday morning and return on Friday evenings. Has anyone done this before and what is the cheapest means of getting there and back? Any recommendations on hotels? The initial contract is for 3 months with possible extensions of up to 18 months. Is it worth relocating with the risk of not getting that 18 months extension? 


Hey. You don't say from where you want to commute to Munich, but I'll assume it's from Brussels. I'd argue that the only feasible way is to fly. Lufthansa has direct flights BRU-MUC. I can't advise you on hotels because I rented an apartment there. Be aware that renting property in Munich is very expensive (it's the most expensive city in Germany). On the other hand, renting is much easier in Germany than it is in Belgium, and usually you have a flexible contract that you can cancel at any time with 2-3 months advance notice. I lived in Munich for 12 years myself, it's a very attractive city.

Sep 23, 2011 19:05