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Changing phone companies


Is it possible in Belgium to change phone provider and keep your old number?


Yes, it's standard procedure. For landlines most operators do it for free, but they can charge a small fee ( like 5 or 10 euros think). For mobiles it's always free.

Feb 5, 2018 12:17

Not always as i found out to my cost proximus promised me i could keep my old one when we switched to them but that was a lie they got it wrong in store checking and because they then didn’t know how to resolve this they just never turned up to change my line over its was a complete nightmare.o had stayed in all day took weeks to reslove In the end i had to aggree to change of number as i had taken a low price TV in my pack that was now not able to be returned i could tell them to just do one. Oddly i had moved into that house with a different company and kept my number so that also was kind of difficult to understand I now have a number linked to the next commune 016 rather that 02 my commune because i live near the edge of the commune. Be aware its not always simple.

Feb 7, 2018 10:26


Feb 7, 2018 10:44