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Changing Job in Belgium


Dear Wonderful people,

I am from Non-EU country working in Belgium since Jan, 2013 on Type B work permit. This month I found a job in Belgium and the new company will offer a new work permit to me. All the negotiations are closed and HR has send me the offer as well. The only thing pending is contract signing, which will happen next week. So my question is how much time it takes generally to get a new WP? What are the time lines? I googled, but couldnt find?


About 6 weeks from the moment the application has been submitted. Can be week or two quicker when you're renewing the permit. You get notification in post once the permit has arrived and will have to go pick it up from the commune (commune in which the employer is located). After receiving the wp you'll need to go renewing your residence permit in your own commune, but you can start working immediately.

Jun 20, 2015 09:35