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changes to student visas


At present, a person on a student visa can legally work 20 hours a week. I have been told that this law is changing and students will only be able to work 540 hours a year, approximately halving their income. I have tried to find this info but have not been able to find mention in English (sadly both my French and Dutch are in development). Does anyone have info on this? Thanks!


Since April 2015, the law changed to devolve this resposibility to the regions. ( )

Assuming you're in Brussels, you need to refer here;

I assume you'd come under permit C as a student.

Your other option is to register as self employed and try and contract for work rather than being an employee. Although with limited French and Dutch, you're going to have difficulties navigating the system without professional help, such as an accountant.

Jan 21, 2017 16:24

Thank you for your help. As yes, compartmentalisation, a favourite here. Any idea how this regionalism works if you are a student in one region but live in another? A different way to ask this question - Is the law based on where you go to school or where you live? I'm not intentionally being lazy. When I click on the English option all the info disappears....

Jan 22, 2017 12:16

My response above is incomplete and I can't see an edit or delete option so I will add. Belgium is a small country and it is entirely possible to live in Antwerp province, study in Flemish Brabant and work in Brussels. In such a scenario which region would I be governed by in terms of student work permit?

Jan 22, 2017 12:51