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I live in 1000 Brussels. I have dual nationality--one EU and US. I am married to a Belgian for 15 years. I orginally registered (after marriage) at commune with my EU passport because I thought it would be less paperwork and I'd be able to work immediately with no work permit issues. My EU passport has expired as has my Belgian residence permit. I often get grief at immigration because I use my US passport (still valid) and if asked to see my Belgian ID they note my EU nationality--and it all doesn't match nice for them. So, since I need to renew my ID at the commune, I want to change the nationality on my Belgian residence permit to US since that is the passport I travel on most and don't feel like going to hassle of renewing EU passport at this time. Does anyone know what I need to do to achieve this? Am I likely to get pushback from the commune? Also, in general, to renew residence permit, what papers/photos/other bits do I need to have with me at the guichet. I have tried searching website of commune but cannot find info on my particular situation. FYI, not interested pursuing Belgian nationality. Thanks

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but why did you let your EU passport and Belgian residence permit expire? What do you expect!

Aug 22, 2011 14:25