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Champagne order from Rheims area


Hi all,

Has anyone visited ( and then bought) champagne ( approx 50-100 bottles) from the Champagne region in FR ?

I need to purchase quite some bottles and am heading there in August. I have googled but there are just endless searches, so would appreciate any recommendations from you....



did that years ago and while driving through the villages I came by chance across these two listed below. I was not disappointed. Friendly people, good champagne.
Maybe good to set an appointment before you go there.

enjoy! and make sure you have a BOB as you will have to taste it ;-)

Jul 30, 2013 20:30

You have champagne farmers outside Epernay . The champagne is good and the prices reasonable, worthwhile to buy in quite a few bottles. Best not to buy in Champagne alley in Epernay, nice to visit but sometimes a bottle is even more expensive than in the supermarket. Most tastings there are not free either. Just go outside Epernay and the champagne farms will be indicated on boards.

Jul 31, 2013 11:14
Emille B.

If you want the big names in Champagne , best price is at Auchan.

Jul 31, 2013 14:12

I do this often (Wedding / Baby Drinks / Baptisms etc). I purchase from Michel Littiere and his son in law Francois Chaumont.
Both Michel and Francois' sites can be reached from that web address. Their address / pricing etc is all on the site. Make sure you call ahead to let them know you are coming and they will arrange a tour and tasting for you. Francois speaks English. If I may be bold - the Grand Cru 2008 Milleseme (100% Chardonnay) by Francois is very good, and at a very good price.
If you do go, please let them know the Canadian & Boden sent you.

Aug 1, 2013 13:21

Through a wine tasting club many years ago I was introduced to champagne from a small producer ‘Les Freres Dumont’ and it is excellent.
The good news is that it is now available from their agent in Brussels (Rhode St Genese). Indeed I now buy it here and take it to friends in France who love it.
Call Francoise Gauthier on 0475 217 603. Prices start at about 17 Euros

Aug 1, 2013 18:46