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Centre of Spa flooded as water levels continue to rise across Wallonia

16:47 14/07/2021

Liege, Namur and Luxembourg provinces have enacted their disaster plans as cities and towns are flooding due to heavy downpours. Spa and the nearby town of Theux are particularly struggling with the rising waters.

The central streets of Spa and Theux are fully underwater, with some residents being evacuated. Youth camps in the area have also been evacuated. Some 1,700 people have been evacuated from Chaudfontaine.

Roads are closed leading into affected areas, and the public is asked to stay away. The power has gone out across many parts of Spa. Residents in other parts of Liege and Namur provinces are finding their basements underwater.

Water levels of the Vesder and Lomme rivers and the Eau d’Heure lakes are all at dangerously high levels. The situation is expected to get worse, as rains are forecast to continue into the evening and overnight. Residents who have not been evacuated are being told to stay home and not try to venture out of doors.

Southern Limburg province is seeing similar situations, with the Voer and Berwinne tributaries overflowing their banks.

Photo ©Bruno Fahy/BELGA


Written by Lisa Bradshaw