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Central heating - Gas and Mazhout?


Need to replace our old Mazhout based central heating system. This is a small building with three apartments, around 200~300 square meters. For 20+ years, Mazhout based heating works ok.

We were told Mazhout is perhaps cheaper and gas is more dangerous?

Going forward, is it better to switch to gas based heating or ok to stay back with new Mazhout system? Any thoughts?


If gas is so dangerous, why do the majority of home have gas heating?

Dec 3, 2017 22:43

Go with gas.

Dec 4, 2017 12:10

It was one the technicien who said Mazhout is still better. May be its his business :)

Going ahead with Gas, as planned :-)
Thanks all

Dec 4, 2017 12:35

Test Achats' last survey indicated that mains gas is cheaper than mazout which in turn is cheaper than stored gas as the fuel for central heating, and mains gas is obviously much more convenient than mazout as you don't have to arrange delivery (other than the initial set up, of course), just pay the bills.

So, assuming that you have access to mains gas supplies (almost certain if you live in a town as opposed to a small village) and that there is no structural impediment to using gas (unlikely, but your boiler supplier's survey would show up any problems), mains gas will be a better choice.

Dec 4, 2017 14:04

Thanks folks,
Ordered gas connection with Sibelga!

Dec 4, 2017 20:28