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Celmaca Trio: Album Release

Muziekpublique @Théâtre Molière
17/06/2023 from 20:00until 17/06/2023 - 20:00
17 Jun
Muziekpublique @ Théâtre Molière
Square du Bastion 3
(galerie porte de namur)
1050  Ixelles

Invitation to party and travel, “Cantos bebida y muerte”, their second album is inspired by the traditions and rituals of Latin America which contrast with a world in constant acceleration.

This sung repertoire is accompanied by rhythms and string instruments, rich in different timbres, which strive to make ancient traditions shine. It calls to mind the Day of the Dead in Mexico which is supported by joyful music but also the “Mezcal”, this fiery and ancestral water, made from the agave in Mexico, well known for healing souls in pain, loosening tongues and making happy revelers sing. It talks about singing at work, which gives dedication and promotes performance, thus deceiving boredom and suffering; or singing “Coplas a la pilandera” evoking joy and inviting to dance.

From land to sea, this collection also includes peteneras (a musical genre that is part of the Mexican huasteca repertoire) populated by sirens, an eroticized mythological figure, captivating and with an enchanting voice, who have special relationships with men. With the “Petenera del emigrante”, the unfortunate man calls for help from this Lady of the Waters. Embark on the rest of the journey and let yourself be enchanted by these fascinating characters and stories.